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We offer an early spring application of a preemergent and round-up to control the weeds in your landscape beds.  Included in the this service is one additional application of roundup later in the year.  For our customers who take the full five application program for their lawn, we will spray the weeds in their landscape beds during each application.


The initial treatment is typically applied in February to March (weather dependent). 



We apply a mix with two different preemergents designed to control both grassy and broadleaf types of of weeds before they come up.  This product forms a barrier in the soil to destroy the weeds before you see them.  As the weed seeds germinate and come in contact with the barrier, the weeds are killed.  It is very important that the preemergent is watered in with at least a half inch of water or three inches of snow within three weeks of the application.  The product that we use typically controls about 75% of the weeds.  Any weeds that are not controlled with the preemergent will be treated with Roundup at the time of your fertilizer applications. 


We use roundup to treat any weeds that are already present in your landscape beds when we apply the reemergent.  We also treat any weeds that germinate throughout the year at the time of the fertilizer applications.  The way that Roundup works is that when it is applied to actively growing green plant material, it is absorbed and moved throughout the plant.  The product stops any further movement of water and food throughout the plant, resulting in death to the plant.  Although we can spray close to desirable plants in your beds, we need to stay a few inches away.  This means that you will need to hand pull weeds within a few inches of these plants (sorry, we do not offer this service).


Price is based on the amount of product that will need to be applied.