- We mow once a week at the optimal height to promote a healthy lawn (see below).  If you mow your lawn every other week, you will have to cut too much of the blade off. Doing this will damage your yard causing root shock. Because of this reason, we have a company policy that we mow your lawn every week.

- We sharpen our mower blades once a week to give you a nice straight cut on every blade and to avoid “shredding” the ends of the grass blades.

- We alternate our mowing pattern every week where possible. Alternating the mowing pattern will assure a more even cut and a more manicured look to your yard.

- After we mow the grass we trim the edges and then blow off the driveway, sidewalks, and any other area to give your yard a clean look when we are done.

- Vital N Green is dedicated to high quality. All our mowers are the best quality on the market to give you the best cut possible.


Cutting the lawn too short is one the biggest mistakes home owners make while mowing. Here at Vital N Green we have our mowers set to cut the grass blade at the recommended height of 2.5-3 inches tall. At this height your lawn will benefit for a number of reasons.

- The taller grass allows more photosynthesis to happen in the grass blade, which provides more food to the root.

- Your soil also gets more shade from the taller grass. The cooler soil has less moisture loss which means less watering and a healthier lawn.

- Your will also have less weeds in your yard since the taller healthier grass will not let the weeds sprouting from seed get any sunlight or nutrients.

- The last reason to mow your lawn at this height is to encourage grass root growth. At this length the roots will be stronger, and deeper.