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We turn on your irrigation from the end of March through the beginning of April, dependent on the weather.  When your system is turned on, all zones are turned on, to adjust spray patterns of sprinkler heads and to be sure all heads are operable. Your drip will be checked for any leaks.  Any minor problems will be fixed and you will be charged extra for any parts used.  We do not do any major repairs- for these we recommend Haymond Horticulture (their contact  information is on their web page).   You are responsible to adjust the inside timer unless otherwise noted.  Your above ground irrigation valve must have an insulated cover.

We turn off your irrigation system from the end of October thru the first week of November – this includes turning off irrigation supply lines and opening all drains and valves.  When needed, we can blow the entire system out for an additional charge.  Above ground irrigation valves must have an insulated cover.


Turn on:   $50 for up to 6 zones plus the price for parts needed. $75 for 7 zones and up.  Above ground valves must have an insulated cover- these can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes.

Turn off:  $25 for a basic turn off, $75 to have all lines blown out.


If the water is turned on and then it turns super cold again and you would like it turned off for the cold spell and then turned on again after the cold spell it is your responsibility to call and schedule this.  The cost of turning it off and on again for a cold spell is $50.

If your pressure vacuum breaker cracks you will be responsible for the cost of parts but the labor will be free.